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Therapy and Justice Belong Together

Guest bloggers Arie Freiberg, Emeritus Professor of Law, Monash University and Dr Becky Batagol, Senior Lecturer in Law, Monash University, Co-Authors of Non-Adversarial Justice, explore the role of therapeutic jurisprudence in the justice system…

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What’s in a name?  Thinking about therapeutic jurisprudence

“Therapeutic jurisprudence” is a mouthful, yes? But let’s think about it: How much better would our laws and legal systems be if they were designed mainly to encourage psychologically healthy outcomes? If you understand the significance of this question, then … Continue reading

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Can a quirky band of law professors, lawyers, and judges transform the law and legal profession?

Originally posted on Minding the Workplace:
My guest blog post examining the challenges of mainstreaming therapeutic jurisprudence in the U.S. This Friday and Saturday, I’ll be hosting a workshop for a group of lawyers and law professors who affiliate themselves with…

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Therapeutic Jurisprudence: New Zealand Perspectives – a new book for law reformers everywhere

David Wexler, co founder of the concept of Therapeutic Jurisprudence (TJ) introduces a seminal book edited by Warren Brookbanks, Professor of Law, The University of Auckland, New Zealand entitled Therapeutic Jurisprudence: New Zealand Perspectives. Wexler acknowledges discrepancies between the fluidity … Continue reading

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Mainstreaming Therapeutic Jurisprudence – Challenges and Opportunities in the United States

In this blog post, David Yamada explores the challenges of mainstreaming therapeutic jurisprudence (TJ) in the U.S. and offers some ideas for discussion both in the U.S. and other countries … At the ripe old age of 25, Therapeutic Jurisprudence (TJ) … Continue reading

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Planning for evaluation of therapeutic jurisprudence initiatives 

The use of therapeutic jurisprudence (TJ) approaches in mainstream court and legal settings often involves the development of new systems and programs Often TJ initiatives draw on social science research and practices to make our legal systems more effective.  Evaluating … Continue reading

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How to do therapeutic jurisprudence research

Guest blogger Nigel Stobbs teaches undergraduate and postgraduate courses on therapeutic courts …. I often meet academics, lawyers, graduate research students and criminologists who are inspired by the idea of using TJ as a structure or method for a particular … Continue reading

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