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Creative Plea Bargaining to Avoid Collateral Consequences

Guest blogger Thea Johnson, Associate Professor of Law, University of Maine School of Law, teaches criminal law and procedure…. Advertisements

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What can mainstream courts learn from aboriginal sentencing courts…

Guest blogger Jordan Tutton writes… In early 2016, a young Indigenous Australian man robbed a liquor store in the southern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia. He pleaded guilty and asked to be sentenced in a specialist criminal court established to … Continue reading

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The Sequential Intercept Model (SIM) and Therapeutic Jurisprudence

In this blog Kirk Heilbrun, Patricia Griffin, Edward Mulvey, David DeMatteo, and Carol Schubert explore the Sequential Intercept Model,  how can it be used and it’s relationship with therapeutic jurisprudence (TJ)… There is now pending legislation in the U.S. Senate … Continue reading

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Therapeutic Jurisprudence for defence lawyers

In this blog post Dana Segev provides TJ techniques for defence lawyers who wish to improve their effectiveness… It has long been acknowledged by Therapeutic Jurisprudence (TJ) that lawyer’s actions can have important consequences for defendants.  Defence lawyers received particular … Continue reading

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Getting it right: collaborative problem solving in criminal justice

A great resource has been added to our “What works – evidence based practices” page …“Getting it right” is a practical, team-based approach to coming up with the kind of criminal justice system a community wants….check out this (and other … Continue reading

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Mainstream TJ article and legal studies guide now available!

Recently published in the The Alternative Law Journal,  “From alternative to the new normal: Therapeutic jurisprudence in the Mainstream” analyses the TJ potential of the existing sentencing law and legal processes in Victoria (Australia) including the potential for judicial supervision during bail, pre-sentence and post sentence.  The paper proposes … Continue reading

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Legal Writing, Therapeutic Jurisprudence, & Professionalism

In this blog Guest Blogger Shelley Kierstead, LLB, LLM, DJur, Assistant Professor, Osgoode Hall Law School of York University writes about legal writing, TJ and professionalism… Words matter.  They matter to the clients to whom lawyers give advice, and they … Continue reading

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