Can an ACE screening interview in court programs be therapeutic?

This is the second blog in our three part series on how the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study and trauma informed practice can deepen TJ practice in courts.

Therapeutic Jurisprudence Founder David Wexler writes…

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ACES: Deepening Therapeutic Jurisprudence Practice in Courts

This blog is a first in a series of three, over the coming weeks, in which we will explore how an understanding of the impacts of childhood trauma can improve the effectiveness of judges and court programs.

Magistrate Pauline Spencer writes…

The wonderful thing about Therapeutic Jurisprudence (TJ) is that it invites us to draw from the social sciences to improve how we conduct our courts and court programs and how we carry out our judicial roles.  Because various fields of study – psychology, criminology, social work and the like – are constantly evolving so to can TJ practices.

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Therapeutic Jurisprudence: A Response to Denial of Human Dignity in Public Policy


Guest blogger Professor David Yamada writes…

Here in the U.S., I sometimes struggle over how to reconcile my everyday work with the ongoing existential threat that we face in our public sphere, generating from Washington D.C. How can my little niche of the world matter when every day brings multiple ghastly, distressing headlines (or tweets)?

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Prison/Court Video Links: Tips for Judges (TJ Court Craft Series #13)

Magistrate Pauline Spencer (Victoria, Australia) writes….

With the emergence of technology and pressures on prison/court transportation, the use of video links between prisons and courts are becoming more commonplace.

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Advancing Rights of Nature through Restorative Justice

TJ is a lens that can be applied to any area of the law, this week Guest Blogger Femke Wijdekop continues our exploration of environmental law…

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Environmental Psychology & Therapeutic Jurisprudence: Rethinking Environmental Courts and Tribunals

The legal philosophy of therapeutic jurisprudence – how the law and legal processes can innovate to improve the wellbeing of people and communities – is a interdisciplinary approach that can be applied in all areas of the law.    Over the coming two weeks,  we will explore how TJ thinking can be used to improve environmental law…

Guest blogger Nabeela Siddiqui focuses her TJ lens on Environmental Courts and Tribunals drawing on the social science of Environmental Psychology…

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A therapeutic Jurisprudence response to viral online games such as #Bluewhale and #KIKI challenge

In recent years social media has led to the viral spread of various games or challenges. Some such as the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – where participants dumped a bucket of ice cold water over their heads – have been positive awareness raising activities for charity. Others such as #BlueWhale – where participants engaged in self harm and even suicide – have been dangerous.

The most recent craze,the #kikichallenge – where participants jump out of a moving car and dance to the Drake song “In My Feeling” – has led to deaths.

Guest blogger Dr.Debarati Halder explores the Indian legal response to these social media phenomena and the potential role of therapeutic jurisprudence…

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