An experienced lawyer talks about how therapeutic jurisprudence improves justice…

Before becoming a professor, Michael Perlin was the Deputy Public Defender in charge of the Mercer County Trial Region in New Jersey, and, for eight years, was the director of the Division of Mental Health Advocacy in the NJ Department of the Public Advocate.

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Therapy and Justice Belong Together

Guest bloggers Arie Freiberg, Emeritus Professor of Law, Monash University and Dr Becky Batagol, Senior Lecturer in Law, Monash University, Co-Authors of Non-Adversarial Justice, explore the role of therapeutic jurisprudence in the justice system…

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Mainstream judges apply therapeutic jurisprudence in a child protection case

Guest bloggers Tali Gal and Dahlia Schilli-Jerichower  explore how mainstream judges in a recent Israeli Supreme Court decision applied therapeutic jurisprudence principles by seeking to conduct the process in such a way as to maximise the wellbeing of the parties… Continue reading

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Tips for using therapeutic jurisprudence to improve mainstream criminal courts 

Therapeutic Jurisprudence (“TJ”) looks at the law and legal systems as potential therapeutic (or anti-therapeutic) agents for the lives of people and communities. Continue reading

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2017 therapeutic jurisprudence events not to miss…

Auckland, Sydney, Prague …2017 is shaping up to be a big year for therapeutic jurisprudence thinkers and practitioners…  Continue reading

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Holiday therapeutic jurisprudence reading!

Some wonderful TJ articles in the latest edition of the Queensland University of Technology Law Review from a range of internationally recognised TJ scholars.

Read some of the latest TJ perspectives on coronial investigations, criminal justice, coercive interventions, family drug treatment courts and mental health.

Link here to this TJ edition of the QUT Law Review

Happy holiday reading!

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Tips for Procedural Fairness in Court (TJ Court Craft Series #7)

The Centre for Court Innovation describes procedural justice/ procedural fairness as:

…the perceived fairness of the procedures and interpersonal communications that defendants and other litigants experience in the courthouse and courtroom, as distinguished from distributive justice, which refers to the impressions derived from case outcomes (i.e. whether the litigant ultimately “won” or “lost” the case). Numerous studies have linked procedural justice to increased compliance with court orders and reduced recidivism.

The Centre for Court Innovation has created an easy to read tip sheet to help you improve procedural justice in the courtroom.

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