For Court/Tribunal Managers


Principles of problem-solving justice (Centre for Court Innovation)

Peggy Hora, Courting New Solutions Using Problem-Solving JusticeKey Components, Guiding Principles, Strategies, Responses, Models, Approaches, Blueprints and Tool Kits (Chapman Journal of Criminal Justice) – A comprehensive collection of the various principles and resources updated as at 2011.

Problem-solving justice toolkit (National Centre for State Courts) – This toolkit looks at successful problem-solving courts and develops principles for the development of problem-solving courts.   While it’s starting point is specialist/problem solving courts it is useful for the development of programs in a mainstream court setting.  Topic 1 deals specifically with broadening the application of the problem-solving approach.

New Directions in the Courts’ Response to Drug and Alcohol Related Legal Problems: Interdisciplinary Collaboration – by Michael S. King

Collaborative justice resources from the California Courts

National Centre for State Courts (USA) has a range of resources in a handy A-Z index

Centre on Court Access for Justice for All (A National Centre for State Courts Project)

The Future of Court Support Services in Victorian Magistrates’ Courts – by Harry Blagg and Nicole Bluett-Boyd


Documenting Results: Research on problem-solving courts (Center for Court Innovation)

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